Miss Tan is a Math tutor, focused in helping Secondary School and Junior College students in Singapore improve their competency in Mathematics. With 10 years of Math tutoring experience, her teaching approach has been helping many batches of students reproduce excellent results. Here’s the testimonials.

She is a graduate from National University of Singapore (NUS), with a Bachelor in Social Sciences (Economics) with Honours.

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Lower secondary science (Express) mind map

Upper Secondary Amath Notes

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Math Tuition and Programmes

For students in Secondary 1-4 & Junior College 1-2

Proven Teaching Model

Miss Tan has constantly reinforced her GMC’s curriculum over the years and it has been proven to help students who fail Math to score distinctions in months or less. She makes solving Math easy for her students. (Click here for Testimonials & Reviews)

​” Miss Tan is generous in imparting her strategiessecrets and mathematical techniques to give them an edge over the rest”.

1. Get the basics right

The curriculum equips students with a strong foundation of key topics tested at during exams.

2. Master the concepts

  • Students will master essential skills to manage complex question types.
  • They are equipped with the skills to tackle the O Levels with the right content, techniques and guidance.

3. Challenge yourself

Looking at key question trends and exam formats, Miss Tan designs her lessons to help students excel academically, using systematic approaches to understand what is needed for each question and craft precise responses to answer every exam question well.

Constant feedback loops and self-evaluation exercises help students to build the confidence and skills to manage the short runway to the ‘A’ levels.

Teaching Philosophy

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Miss Tan believes that 2 hours of effective learning is better than 4 hours of blind practicing.

Her secondary school Math classes have a strong focus on content mastery and answer precision for exam excellence.

The programmes focus on strategic preparation for the ‘O’ Level examinations through an emphasis on structure, content and precise application of skills.


Miss Tan believes that learning is progressive and her curriculum is designed to increase our students’ competencies consistently. Click here to see her student’s feedback.


Miss Tan’s roadmap features a structured plan to build competence and confidence for our students. She places high importance on Progress Tracking. Student progress is recorded each lesson to ensure that they are on track to achieving the results they want.

Miss Tan will identify and close the gaps in students’ knowledge. This enables strong conceptual understanding and keep students on track to score the results that they want. 

Students who are found to be weak in a certain topic will be called back for additional class with no additional charges.

Why join our programmes


1. Small group home tuition (2-4 students)

2. Private/1-1 tuition 

3. Online tuition

Fee Structure

  Fees are collected on a term basis.

  • Each term consists of eight (8) weekly lessons.
  • Payment can be by PayLah, PayNow, cash, cheque, or Ibanking.
  • Makeup class will be arranged for missed classes.


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