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Reflections from Secondary School, Junior College and University

Every week, we will invite our alumni to contribute their study tips or advice etc.

Secondary School

  • Study smart and hard: The easiest ways to study smart are to prepare ahead of class, listen attentively in class, do your homework, revise and recap. 
  • Mindset and attitude: Retain a positive attitude in your academics and stay the course diligently. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confide in your family or friends.

Junior College

  • Learn how to be confident: The 2 years leading up to A levels are intensive, but rewarding. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is essential. It is also an important trait which should be displayed during a scholarship interview. It’s useful to practice potential interview questions with your friends and speak to your seniors about their experiences.
  • Choosing your major: As a start, think about your favourite subjects and consider which aspects of it that you like. Consider the occupations which you admire and read up on the university’s curriculumetc.


  • Learn how to manage your finances: As a student, you might have not put in enough thought about how to manage your expenses yet. However, there are plenty of ways to learn how to be savvy with your money. You can watch some youtube videos on budgeting and track your expenditure. Having a Business School background may not necessarily make one a financially savvy person. 

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