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How to succeed in Home-Based Learning (5 tips)

As Primary, Secondary schools and JCs to move to full home-based learning from May 19, students need to adapt swiftly to the changes and minimise the disruptions to their learning.

Here are some tips succeed in Home-Based Learning

  1. Be prepared before class. It may be more difficult to ask questions in an online environment. As such, it’s even more important to do some groundwork before class. Know the content beforehand will help you to be more familiarise as your school teacher goes through the materials.
  2. Create a dedicated study space. Have the essentials such as pen, paper, water bottle by your side. Having to move around to take what you need will cause some distractions.
  3. Turn Off Your Distractions. Use your phone for necessary communication only. If it helps, you can install apps to prevent access to social media.
  4. Take an eye break. Having to concentrate in front of the computer for long hours is not easy on the eyes. On top of the usual screen time, home-based learning creates the additional need for it. As such, try to limit screen time for entertainment purposes.
  5. Reward yourself. Some students may find it tough to concentrate during online classes. A helpful tip is to reward yourself after every milestone.

All the best for your learning journey. Keep calm and carry on!

Secondary 1 and 2 Mindmaps are available here (made by Miss Tan)

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