Sec 1-4 Catch up Revision Bootcamp for Math/AMath

secondary school math revision bootcamp

Secondary School Math/AMath Catch Up Revision Bootcamp (Commences from November onwards)

  • Rebuild his/her foundation in mathematics and regain confidence in maths.
  • Reinforces understanding of Math concepts in all topics and consolidation of learning for the current and upcoming year.

Students will meet the challenge of revising content knowledge accumulated from the current year while preparing for a series of examinations leading up to the national exam.


  • Exam simulation practices to help students be confident as they familiarise themselves with the exam format and questions.
  • Gain mastery of the whole Math syllabus for the current and upcoming year. 
  • Practice and apply strong conceptual understanding to must know questions
  • Master a well-proven technique to eliminate carelessness during math
  • Learn and employ advanced techniques to stay focus on your revision and eliminate distractions
  • Reinforce understanding of Math through interactive feedback
  • Post-course support until end of O-levels (Click here for testimonials and reviews)

To maximise the benefits of the programme, there will have a 1 to 1 session with your child to identify gaps in learning after registration.


  • 7 days for 2 hours per day (Flexible arrangements can be made)
  • Covers topics students typically lose marks in
  • Covers new topics taught in the new academic year
  • Familiarise students with exam and question formats
  • Equips students with effective problem-solving strategies
  • Teaches important exam techniques for maximum results
  • Exposes students to non-routine questions that appear in exams


Secondary 1 Math

Secondary 2 Math

Secondary 3 Math/AMath

Secondary 4 Math/AMath


This course is most useful for Sec 1 – 4 students who wants a good boost in Math mastery and motivation to secure their distinctions for the next academic year.

  • Students scoring B or higher who want to secure an A*
  • Students scoring C or lower who want to strengthen concepts    
  • Students who want to learn strategies for problem-solving with speed and accuracy
  • Students can select preferred time slots, subject to availability (we have limited capacity)