Secondary School Math Tuition

Students attend weekly coaching sessions and learn essential concepts, strategies and exam techniques. We use a strong and proven Critical Thinking Training techniques to coach our students to develop the skills to solve Math Problems independently during exams.  


We spend a significant amount of time and resources to create a syllabus that is both highly effective & complete, allowing our students to outperform in the examinations.

Our syllabus is updated and revised every year, so that we focus on the most relevant topics and use the most updated lesson plans. We are align with the official M.O.E. syllabus in schools.

As a result, we teach one of the most comprehensive and detailed Math syllabus available today.


The Secondary Mathematics Course offers students the opportunity to streamline their learning to maximise results.

Callback Sessions To Target Weak Topics (No Additional Charges)

Our curriculum covers 

NOTES & EXAMPLES – for understanding of concepts and applications

BASIC QUESTIONS – to ensure full understanding of fundamental concepts

CHALLENGING QUESTIONS – to expose students to higher order thinking and unfamiliar questions

TOPICAL TESTS – for assessment of learning

MOCK EXAMS – for exam readiness